About Kitty

I’m a London based Illustrator who specialises in drawing dogs by hand, with a focus on realism and their unique character.

I graduated from Leeds College of Arts in textiles and surface design. I have a deep appreciation for aesthetic detail, and the honesty of individual portraiture.

The use of hand-detailed pencil and watercolour is what allows me to add depth and character to our most beloved subjects of all - man’s best friend.

I love the challenge of bringing my subjects to life on the page. My favourite part of the process is getting to see the delight on my clients' faces when they see the final artwork.

Kitty’s Studio

Working out of my studio in Brixton gives me the space I need to be creative. With my materials and your photos all around me, it's the perfect setup - with the added bonus of Margo, my whippet, sitting under my desk keeping me company.

Art materials

My work is highly detailed; I work on my portraits slowly and with great care. Using watercolour and pencils I explore textures and line, adding depth and character to our most beloved subjects - man’s best friend.

Materials used:
Paper stock: Fluid, hot pressed watercolour paper and Daler Rowley Smooth heavyweight paper.

Pencil type: Prismalo and Pablo Caran d' Ache and Irojiten coloured pencils.

Watercolours: Winsor and Newton.

Getting to know your dog

The moment I see pictures of your dog, their unique characteristics instantly pop out at me, from the look in their eyes to the way they hold their head. A variety of photographs enables me to capture everything you see in your dog on paper and more.